UI Design / UX Design

Help4u – Home services in Dubai

Help4u is a startup based in Dubai that aims to provide home cleaning, personal training, tutoring etc tailored for Dubai citizens.

We have been asked to help with the UX/UI redesign of the current website ( The client, in particular, wanted to give a more modern vibe and harmonise the colour scheme and look and feel with the complimentary service they provide, Peekaboox.

The overall layout had also to be improved and include the support for different devices like mobiles.

We analysed their current and the Peekabox website in order to find elements that can be improved and reused. We proposed a complete redesign of the header section, in order to make it more usable and modern.

We decided to go for a wizard design pattern to avoid the information overload on the first page and let the user focus on the current booking step.

We also redesigned the About us, FAQ, and Blog pages in order to add some white space and improve the website readability following the companion service style and colour scheme.

The final usability tests on the target users were very promising and basically every user declared that the new version improves the usability and the look and feel.

The project is currently under development.

Client: Help4u