Cosplay Su Misura

Coding / UI Design / UX Design


The cosplay costumes online store Cosplay Su Misura asked us to design and implement an e-commerce app and two augmented reality apps in order to increase their sales.

We started by posting an online survey using Surveymonkey to italian cosplay Facebook groups in order to understand the user needs and, since it’s the distinctive mark of the store, if potential users were interested on giving their body sizes to receive a tailored cosplay costumes.
The outcome showed that most cosplay lovers are looking for an original costume that they can customize according to their taste.

We then created wireframes using Sketch and we tested against some cosplayers, the test results were great, almost every testers was able to buy a costume, add customizations and easily access to the body sizes sections on the main tab bars.

After the design of the final UI with Sketch we implemented an MVP Android app and we released on the App Store. The app got very good reviews and the e-commerce sales doubled in two months.

Client: Cosplay su misura Srls


As we mentioned in your blog, we also implemented two companion augmented reality apps for iOS and Android to allow the customers to navigate through 3D costumes, weapons and armors models using the camera of their smartphones and tablets.

After having conducted a user research to study the most important aspects for users when they are checking a cosplay model using augmented reality apps, we noticed that details and colours were very important for cosplayers.

So we decided to pick Vuforia framework with Unity 3D in order to be able to use high resolution models and download them on the smartphone memory only when needed.

The apps are in the final user test phase and they are going to be launched on the Apple app store and Google Play next month.